Gary Craig’s EFT Manual — 5 Comments

  1. I am pleased to find this manual to down load again, had it years ago when garys site was up and running. I refer others to the free eft manual often, and now I have a link to send others to, to download it, as it took a bit of looking around online to find your site offering the original manual from the founder of this incredible modality. I read a lot of his case studies, and one day got a wasp sting. On remembering the case study I read re a man using eft on a remote beach to quell the pain of a jelly fish sting, I decided to try it on the pain from the wasp sting..

    to my amazement, I used one round of tapping, and within two minutes the pain had COMPLETELY vanished… I thought in disbelief oh it must have not got too much poison into me… but he welt was there to prove it had… the welt by the way with no more than one round of tapping on focusing on the stinging burning pain, disappeared within an hour. increadable!!!

  2. I also used eft when I broke my arm at a party, in the wee hours of the morning, while waiting for the panadeine forte to kick in, which usually takes fifteen to twenty minutes with severe pain. I fell asleep after a few rounds of tapping straight after I took the tablet. Again when I came to in hospital they kept offering me pain killers after getting the plate put in, but instead I did eft tapping again, with amazing results… – rather do eft than have any more pharmaceuticals than necessary! They sent me home with some really strong pain killers, oxycodone, convinced I would need them… (which I didn’t)

    Ive also used eft with a lot of success at times with asthma like breathing difficulties, tobacco cravings when giving up smoking and emotional stuff. It did not work on a toothache once, but after reading the manual I realized there must be more ‘aspects’ to that so continue to experiment with eft, knowing the more experienced one gets at working it on more complex issues the more it works.

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